5th Workshop on Open Systems Dependability (WOSD 2015)

About WOSD

There were four workshop on Open Systems Dependability (WOSD) in the past.  Since 2013, WOSD has been held as one of the satellite workshops of ISSRE (International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering).

Workshop theme

Open systems dependability is a notion of dependability for ever-changing systems. The principal issue is the indeterminacy that inherently exists in long-running systems. Systems changes as the time passes by and also systems looks differently from different stakeholder point of views. That causes unexpected risks and their consequences.

Over the past few years the concept and deployment of open systems dependability has been moving from the research domain (as in the DEOS project) to application and dissemination. The book [2] provides an overall approach to open systems dependability consisting of four system life cycle processes: consensus building, failure response, change accommodation and accountability achievement. There is also an activity within IEC TC 56 Dependability to develop the international standard IEC 62853 Open systems dependability, which provides the requirements for the four system life cycle processes. In this workshop, we try to discuss techniques to achieve and evaluate open systems dependability and the concepts underlying them.

We take "techniques" in its broadest sense, so not only software techniques such as data base and system monitoring, but also human factor techniques such as assurance case construction and international standardisation are in the scope.

Examples of underlying concepts are life cycle models for open systems dependability, assurance of open systems dependability, formal assurance case, feedback system of monitored data, the role of standardisation in open systems dependability and the relationship between open systems dependability and resilience.

Aim of the workshop

The aim of this workshop is to provide an opportunity
  1. for discussion on the essential concepts in open systems dependability and
  2. for sharing the experience report in achieving and demonstrating open systems dependability in industry.

The essential concepts include the structure of life cycle models to achieve open systems dependability and the substance of assurance cases to demonstrate achievement of open systems dependability.

The experience report in industry includes introduction of assurance cases to the practice, as well as application of the notion of open systems dependability in various fields, not only information systems but also social systems.


Talks will be given by invitation only, but the participation in the discussion will be open to anybody who is interested in the topic.

Workshop papers

(Extended) abstracts of the talks in the workshop will be archived in this web-site.
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