It's happened you came in the Turing Club site, the first (and only) Italian association of professional and enthusiasts  programmers in Italy. 
We are inspired by Alan Mathison Turing, because among the fathers of computer science he was the first to realize that the birth of the digital computer would have risen to a new class of professionals with  their own culture and professionalism. Turing created the first language and was then the first programmer in the modern sense.
Since we find that Turing, in Italy, is remembered only linked to extensive anecdotal on his turbulent life, or a little for his important scientific contributions, but too little respect to its role as innovator of social and cultural structures, we programmers and sysadms mark, with this award, an imperishable tribute to this fundamental figure to our culture and to our daily lives.
The Turing Club promote programming literacy, especially among younger generations. Information technology has changed the lives of our Society, but too often people imagine that behind this innovations there is a sort of incomprehensible magic. This "magic" is only the result of days and nights of passionate programming whose social value is well above the gain that it derives. 

In a society like the Italian then, for social reasons, for the lack of a credit system for myopia of directional and political class, the talent, expertise and innovative programmers rather than being rewarded, are day after day disregaded and marginalized, with the practical result of pushing Italy in the Middle Ages of technology.
Whoever you are, whatever your working tools are, your programming language, your platform or framework, your site or your program ... that is Turing Club