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Colonial Theater Expansion

By Rowan Sheehan

The Colonial Theater is one of Bethlehem’s main attractions. From plays to puppet shows and movies, the Colonial Theater has entertained for over 100 years, and is the oldest theater in the country! But after all that time, the board of directors decided that the theater needed more space. In order to raise money, they started a Kickstarter fund, which they used for a two-phase expansion.
The Colonial Theater is hoping to get $800,000 total. All money would be put into the new expansions and upgrades. There were two phases in the upgrades. Phase one will include structural improvements, stage improvements, fire and safety, new loading dock, a dressing room, and green room. A green room is where performers can hang out before the show. Phase two will include, more bathrooms for the audience, a year-round office, and they will redesign the yarn shop next to the theater, and turn it into more bathrooms. All of these upgrades won’t  just benefit The Colonial Theater, but will also support local businesses from all the new tourists the Colonial will draw in.      
THANK YOU to Stephen Dignazio for giving us a tour of the new project!

The Profile Press Staff and Director of the Colonial Theatre, Stephen Dignazio, on the new retaining wall behind the theatre. This improvement allows bands easy access for all their heavy equipment to the stage.
New sound panels on the walls in the main part of the theatre. Aren't they beautiful?

Cameron Burns MacDonald   4/26/99 - 9/24/2017
By Mrs. Sweeney

When I think of Cam, I think of his voice. In the silences that remain after his death, I hear his voice. When I hear his voice, I smile.

I was lucky enough to teach Cam for three of the six years he was here at Profile. He was one of my first students when I was student teaching in the middle school, and he taught me a lot about classroom management. He was the one always jumping up, saying something inappropriate at the wrong time, but was so funny, I just had to laugh.

By tenth grade, he had grown up a lot. Although he still used his voice at some inappropriate times, he was also using his voice in productive ways.  He skillfully read the part of Slim in our classroom reading of Of Mice and Men, and he expressively read poetry, both his own and others. At Winter Carnival that year, he grabbed the microphone and started an amazing play by play of the action. Everyone was shocked by his smooth and fluid speech, and how quickly he could use his humor.

As a senior, Cam had evolved into a man with a plan. He had his own business as a DJ, he knew where he wanted to go to college, and we all heard his voice on the local radio station. I was so proud of him. He was using his voice now at all the appropriate times, well mostly at appropriate times. One thing was sure, Cam was on to a promising future.

Tragically, Cam was killed in a car accident early Sunday morning. The echoes of Cam’s voice will always resound here at Profile-- his quirky, unselfconscious sense of humor, his honesty, his way with words, his heart. He loved you all, he loved this school, as was reflected here in a poem he wrote about Profile. We will miss him so much.

Here I

Here is where I grow Here is where I spread smiles to people who are low Here is the place that fits best to I Here is the place that has helped me to fly Here is where the souls are kind Here is where the me I find Here is the place that people care Here is the place I learned to share Here is where I am never blue Here is where if you only knew

~Cam MacDonald 12/16/17