¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

My Teaching Approach:

Listening and Reading Are the Key Early Skills:  It takes a lot of listening to a language to be able to speak it, and a lot of reading to be able to write it, so we will focus mainly this year on the language input skills of listening to and reading Spanish before venturing into working on the more sophisticated output skills of speaking and writing.

Authentic Language Output (Speech and Writing) Emerge Naturally Over Time and Cannot Be Forced: No student should feel that “they can’t do it” (speak and write) until they have heard and read Spanish a lot first. It is my job to provide that listening and reading input in ways that make students experience confidence in Spanish from the beginning. My belief is that if you enjoy the class, and doesn’t feel pressured by large amounts of homework and big tests, you will learn much more!

Instructional Minutes Cannot Be Wasted: It takes thousands of hours of contact (mainly in the form of input as described above) to gain output mastery of a language.

The Overarching Objective of the Spanish Class: The goal of Señora Chandler's Spanish class is that you experience a growing feeling each day that they are good at Spanish, that you can do it, and that you want to learn more.

You should never be without these resources!!!:
            Profile Home page - click here
            Textbook resources online - click here.
            Second Language Study Skills - click here.
               Word Reference
            Verb Conjugator
Juegos y práctica:
Duolingo    (set up a Spanish account and start learning Spanish on your own!)
Free rice        (click on 'Spanish' to learn random new vocab and help people in need)
Spelling        (practice spelling the word you hear)
Quia                (lots of games and practice - search for what you want to work on)
Quizlet            (Señora's flashcards to study from)
Spelling Bee  (work on Spanish spelling skills)
Flashcards     (search for Spanish flashcards to see what others are learning)
Comic Strips    (make one in Spanish!)
Expressions     (learn some new expressions)
More Practice    (by level)
Dr Lemon            (choose grammar, verbs, or vocabulary to review)
Most Common Words  (practice recognizing the most commonly used words in Spanish by clicking on the links)
Colby.edu      (difficult practice, by themes which are listed on the right-hand side)
Señora Chandler ~ mochan@profile.k12.nh.us