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Journal articles

Journal articles (currently under development):

Various meta-analyses in the area of personality psychology, business psychology, and survey methodology. 

Sirgy, M., Yu, G.B., Lee, D.-J., & Bosnjak, M. (under development). A pre-registered study of the effect of shopping satisfaction during leisure travel on satisfaction with life overall: The mitigating role of financial concerns. Journal of Travel Research. 

Journal articles (submitted, under revision, or conditionally accepted): 

Sirgy, M.J., Kim, M.Y., Joshanloo, M., Lee, D.-J., &  Bosnjak, M. (under review). The relationship between domain satisfaction and domain salience: The moderating role of depressive realism. Journal of Happiness Studies.

Silber, H., Stark, T.H., Blom, A.G., Krosnick, J.A., Yu, R.-R., Tvinnereim, E., Shamshiri-Petersen, D., Martinsson, J., Lynn, P., Jónsdóttir, G.A., Lawson, K., John, M., Cousteaux, A.-S., Cornilleau, A., Clement, A.S., Bosnjak, M., & Aoyagim M. (under review). Acquiescence around the world. Public Opinion Quarterly. 

Grube, M.M., Scheidt-Nave, C., Gaertner, B., Lüdtke, D., Bosnjak, M., Heinrich , S., Lahmann, N., Meyer, G., Rapp, K., Riedel-Heller, S., Schäufele, M., Wolf-Ostermann, K., Zank, S., & Fuchs, J. (under review). Public Health Monitoring 65+ in Deutschland - Auswahl und Definition von Indikatoren. Journal of Health Monitoring.

Silber, H., Tvinnereim, E., Stark, T.H., Blom, A.G., Krosnick, J.A., Bosnjak, M., Clement, S.L., Cornilleau, A., Cousteaux, A.-S., John, M., Jónsdóttir, G.A., Lawson, K., Liao, P.-S., Lynn, P., Martinsson, J., & Shamshiri-Petersen, D. (under review). Lack of replication or lack of generalization? Testing a classic question wording effect across cultures. Behavior Research Methods.

Emmer, C., Bosnjak, M., & Mata, J. (under revision). The association between weight stigma and mental health: A meta-analysis. Obesity Reviews.

Sirgy, M.J., Yu, G.B., Lee, D.-J., Joshanloo, M., Bosnjak, M., Jiao, J., Ekici, A., Gurel Atay, E., & Grzeskowiak, S. (conditionally accepted). The dual model of materialism: Success versus happiness materialism on present and future life satisfaction. Applied Research in Quality of Life.

Journal articles (peer-reviewed; published or in press):

Sirgy, M.J., Kim, M.Y., Joshanloo, M., & Bosnjak, M. (in press). Is subjective ill-being related to Islamophobia in Germany? In search for moderators. Journal of Happiness Studies.

Daikeler, J., Bosnjak, M., & Lozar-Manfreda, K. (2019). Web versus other survey modes: An updated and extended meta-analysis comparing response rates. Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology, 1-27.

Bosnjak, M. & Gnambs, T. (2019). Hotspots in Psychology – 2019 Edition. Zeitschrift für Psychologie, 227(1), 1-3.

Knezevic, G., Lazarevic, L., Puric, D., Bosnjak, M., Teovanovic, P., Petrovic, B., & Opacic, G. (2019). Does Eysenck’s personality model capture psychosis-proneness? A systematic review and meta-analysis. Personality and Individual Differences, 143, 155-164.

Silber, H., Schröder, J.,  Struminskaya, B., Stocké, V., & Bosnjak, M. (2019). Does panel conditioning affect data quality in ego-centered social network questions? Social Networks, 56, 45-54.

Čehovin, G., Bosnjak, M., & Lozar-Manfreda, K. (2018). Meta-analyses in survey methodology: A systematic review. Public Opinion Quarterly, 82(4), 641–660.

Kaiser, A., Kuhlmann, B. G., & Bosnjak, M. (2018). A meta-analysis of inhibitory-control deficits in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia. Neuropsychology, 32(5), 615-633.

Ekici, A., Sirgy, M.J., Lee, D.-J., Yu, G., & Bosnjak, M. (2018). The effects of shopping well-being and shopping ill-being on consumer life satisfaction. Applied Research in Quality of Life, 13(2), 333-353.

Cornesse, C., & Bosnjak, M. (2018). Is there an association between survey characteristics and representativeness? A meta-analysis. Survey Research Methods, 12(1), 1-13.

Bosnjak, M. & Erdfelder, E. (2018). Hotspots in Psychology – 2018 Edition. Zeitschrift für Psychologie, 226(1), 1-2. 

Stark, T., Silber, H., Krosnick, J.A., Blom, A.G., Aoyagi, M., Belchior, A., Bosnjak, M., Lund Clement, S., Cornilleau, A., Cousteaux, A.-S., John, M., Jónsdóttir, G.A., Lawson, K., Lynn, P., Martinsson, J., Shamshiri-Petersen, D., Tvinnereim, E., & Yu, R.-R. (2018). Generalization of classic question order effects across cultures. Sociological Methods & Research, 1-36.

Bosnjak, M., Dannwolf, T., Enderle, T., Schaurer, I., Struminskaya, B., Tanner, A., & Weyandt, K.W. (2018). Establishing an open probability-based mixed-mode panel of the general population in Germany: The GESIS Panel. Social Science Computer Review, 36(1), 103-115.

Rammstedt, B., Danner, D., & Bosnjak, M. (2017). Acquiescence response styles: A multilevel model explaining individual-level and country-level differences. Journal of Research in Personality, 107(1), 190-194.

Erdfelder. E. & Bosnjak, M. (2016). Hotspots in Psychology: A New Format for Special Issues of the Zeitschrift für Psychologie. Zeitschrift für Psychologie, 224, 141-144.

Danner, D., Treiber, L., & Bosnjak, M. (2016). Psychometric evaluation of a short version of the time perspective inventory using a nationally representative sample in Germany. European Journal of Psychological Assessment.

Lazarevic, L., Bosnjak, M., Knezevic, G., Petrovic, B., Puric, D., Teovanovic, P., Opacic, G. & Bodroza, B. (2016). Disintegration as an additional trait in the psychobiological model of personality: Assessing discriminant validity via meta-analysis. Zeitschrift für Psychologie, 224(3), 204-215.
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Knezevic, G., Lazarevic, L., Bosnjak, M., Puric, D., Petrovic, B., Teovanovic, P., Opacic, G. & Bodroza, B. (2016). Towards a personality model encompassing a disintegration factor separate from the big five traits: A meta-analysis of the empirical evidence. Personality and Individual Differences, 95, 214-222.

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Blom, A.G., Bosnjak, M., Cornilleau, A., Cousteaux, A.-S., Das, M., Douhou, S., & Krieger, U. (2016). A comparison of four probability-based online and mixed-mode panels in Europe. Social Science Computer Review, 34(1), 8-25.

Bosnjak, M., Brown, C., Lee, D.-J., Yu, G.B., & Sirgy, M.J. (2016). Self-expressiveness in sport tourism: Determinants and consequences. Journal of Travel Research, 55(1), 125-134. 

Bosnjak, M. & Danner, D. (2015). Survey participation and response. Psihologija, 48(4), 307-310.

Struminskaya, B., Weyandt, K.W., & Bosnjak, M. (2015). The effects of questionnaire completion using mobile devices on data quality. Evidence from a probability-based general population panel. Methods, Data, Analyses, 9(2), 261-290.

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