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PhD theses

Current PhD candidates:

Tanja Burgard, University of Trier, Germany, primary adviser

Veronika Batzdorfer, University of Trier, Germany, primary adviser

Michela Vezzoli, University of Milano Bicocca, Department of Psychology, Milan, Italy, second reviewer

Ivan Jurak, University of Ljubljana, Medical Faculty, Slovenia, PhD committee member

Completed PhD theses:

2020, Psychology, primary adviser
Martin Kerwer, University of Trier, Germany, "Mechanismen epistemischen Wandels".

2020, Psychology, primary adviser
Andre Bittermann, University of Trier, Germany, "Die Identifikation psychologischer Forschungsthemen mit Topic Modeling ".

2019, Social Science/Survey Methodology, primary adviser
Jessica Daikeler, University of Mannheim, Germany, "The application of evidence-based methods in survey methodology".

2019, Social Sciences/Survey Methodology, second adviser
Gregor Čehovin, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, "The contribution of meta-analysis to knowledge on survey research operations on nonresponse"

2017, Social Sciences/Survey Methodology, primary adviser
Ines Schaurer, University of Mannheim, Germany, "Recruitment strategies for a probability-based online panel: Effects of interview length, question sensitivity, incentives and interviewers"

2017, Social Science Informatics, second adviser/referee (primary adviser: Vasja Vehovar)
Anže Sendelbah, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, "Media multitasking in Web surveys"

2016, Sociology, second adviser/referee (primary adviser: Michael Braun):
Cornelia Neuert, University of Mannheim, Germany, "Eye tracking in questionnaire pretesting

2014, Sociology, second adviser/referee (primary adviser: Marek Fuchs):
Matthias Emde, TU Darmstadt, Germany, "Open-ended questions in Web surveys - Using visual and adaptive questionnaire design to improve narrative responses"

2014, Psychology, primary adviser:
Peter Schulte, University of Mannheim, Germany, "Archetypische Konsumenten: Entwicklung, Anwendung und Evaluation einer die Schnittstelle zwischen Marketing und Design optimierenden Segmentierungsmethode am Beispiel des deutschen Automobilmarkts"

2012, Psychology, referee together with Gerd Gigerenzer (MPI Berlin) and Matthias Ziegler (HU Berlin): 
Nicolai Bodemer, Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany, "Transparency in information about health - Improving medical decision making".

2008, Psychology, second referee:
Andres Steffanowski, University of Mannheim, Germany, “Evidenz psychosomatischer Rehabilitation im Spiegel multipler Ergebniskriterien

2008, Psychology, primary adviser:
Lars Kaczmirek, University of Mannheim, Germany, "Human-Survey Interaction: Usability and Nonresponse in Online Surveys"

2005, Social Sciences, external referee (primary advisers: Geert Loosveldt, Mick Couper):
Dirk Heerwegh, University of Leuven, Belgium, "Web surveys. Explaining and reducing unit nonresponse, item nonresponse and partial nonresponse".