toodleTasks is a task management application for Android, BalckBerry and HP webos that sync with toodledo ( The app is available for both phones and tablets

Main features:
  • Manage your lists (projects, contexts, goals, location) and view tasks by lists
  • Manage your tasks (name, project, context, goal, location, due date, due time, reminder, reapeat, priority, tags, status, notes)
  • Create and manage subtasks (with a toodledo pro account)
  • Filter and sort tasks
  • Quick-add tasks
  • Full text search
  • Actions on multiple tasks (assign to a list, mark complete, star, delete,...)
  • Add tasks and search for tasks with "just type" on webOS

toodleTasks make it easy to manage your tasks and todo or implement David Allen's GTD methodology on webos and android phones and tablets.
 toodleTasks Phone Edition

 toodleTasks Tablet



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