2017-18 Proctor Hermantown Nordic Racing

Picture Day ID: MI997399X0

***Race schedule updated with Bus Departure and Return Times and Race Start Time.***

**Race dates or times may change during the season due to weather conditions.**

Start lists for races will be available  Steve's Timing:

Team Neck Wrap available for $15.
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holiday gatherings and winter galas.

Important reminders:

#1 Attendance at practice is important and expected.  Skiers are responsible for notifying coaches ahead of time if they will not be attending on a particular day or days.

#2 All skiers should have clothes for both indoor and outdoor workouts in the locker room at this time.  Everybody needs to be able to be fully covered.  Even on the "nice days" the temp might drop 10 degrees between the beginning and end of practice.

Track daily and weekly cardio workouts and core fitness training.


Start lists for races will be available  Steve's Timing: 

RACE RESULTS PAGE- http://www.boreal.org/~durfee/results.htm