Service List

Pro-IS provides a variety of services to help our customers plan,
create, maintain, use and improve their information

Local Area Networks

We design, implement, maintain and support Local Area Networks (LANs)
making maximum use of existing equipment.  Care is taken to provide the
most cost-effective solutions while adhering to industry standards and
trends including wireless and mobile technologies.

Wide Area Networks

We design, implement, maintain and support Wide Area Networks (WANs)
to provide Internet Access, Office-to-Office communication,
Secure Remote Access, Virtual Private Networks, etc. 
Care is taken to optimize costs vs. performance using multiple
communication link suppliers to provide competitive bids.

Maintenance & Support

We provide maintenance & support for your Information Technology infrastructure. 
These services can be customized to include all or part of your systems based upon
your needs.  Further, these services can be purchased on a contractual basis or
provided ‘as-needed’.  We are very flexible in our business arrangements.  Our
goal is to match our services to your needs.