Flare Systems

Flares - General Information

Flare systems are typically used for controlling Methane (CH4) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that is a byproduct from biodigestion.  These gases are much better off to be utilized as an energy source versus allowing them to be released into the environmental.  Landfill cells generate an abundance of Methane which will escape into the atmosphere not addressed.  These gases are typically extracted under a negative pressure and the gas is used to make electricity or as a raw fuel stock for a boiler system.  All landfills that utilize this gas must have a contingency that allows excess gas to be burned off.  This is typically where flares come into play.  The 2 main types of flares are Candlestick Flares and Enclosed Ground-Flares

Candlestick Flares

A candlestick flare is a simple flare that is used primarily for combusting excess landfill or other biogas generated by a municipal landfill cells or other bio-Methane producers such as bio-digestors.  Candlestick flare burn the concentrated fume which is typically 40%-55% Methane by discharging the gases through a discharge pipe and through a windshield.  As the gases discharge, they are exposed to a pilot that will initially ignite the gases.  Sustained combustion is typical without a pilot however the pilot is available to actuate as needed. Candlestick Flares are typically monitored by a thermocouple and/or UV Flare scanner for Flame activity.  A candlestick Flare will combust >98% of constituents when operated properly.

PRM manufactures Candlestick Landfill Gas Flare with capacities from 250CFM to 5000CFM.
Flare packaged meet destruction efficiencies as required in
EPA 40CFR , 60.18.  Flare are designed in accordance with AP-42 standards.

Enclosed Ground-Flares

An enclosed ground-flare is a flare which combusts the gases inside a insulation lined combustion chamber.  The typical purpose of an enclosed unit is for visual affects and/or regulatory requirements.  Typical destruction in enclosed flares is >99%.  An enclosed ground-flare system is typically 150%-200% the capital costs of a candlestick flare system.  

Rental Flares

Please contact PRM for lease pilot flares.  PRM has systems available across the country that can be used for short term pilot testing or longer term mitigation systems.