Welcome to the North Texas 2017 Annual Legal & Compliance Training! 
There are a number of components required for this year's training, please read thoroughly so that you do not miss any instructions. 

All staff have 60 days from today, October 3, 2017 to complete the training. The training deadline is
December 3, 2017.

Five Steps to Compliance Success!

Step 1
Prior to viewing the training, please download or open the two audit sheets (New Patient and Established Patient) that will be discussed during the coding portion of the video. 

Step 2
View the Compliance Training Videos   (Please note you will need to use a device that has sound AND if multiple staff members at your practice are going to be using the same computer to view the trainings, please make sure you delete/clear your internet browser cookies BEFORE the next person starts the trainings. This will ensure you receive credit for viewing the video) See here for instructions

1. Compliance Training - Click here to start video #1 33 min. duration
2. False Claims Act - Click here to start video #2 min. duration

Step 3
Complete the three Knowledge checks below to ensure you have completed the video trainings. 
Passing Score for each of the quizzes is 100%.
1. Knowledge Check:HIPAA  - Click here to start
2. Knowledge Check: Employee Safety  - Click here to start
3. Knowledge Check:Coding  - Click here to start

Step 4
You will need to sign several forms associated with the training, which are provided in a packet or will be available below to download and print, depending upon your location. Please make sure to sign each form and send them back to Tammy Woods (tammy.woods@priviahealth.comat the Central Business Office, or by interoffice mail to Tammy Woods. Once we receive all signed forms and you show you have completed the training videos and quizzes, you will be marked as successfully completing the 2017 annual training.   

Step 5
The forms you need to print /sign or download/e-sign are:
a. Exposure Identification Form (All physicians and THC employees ONLY)
b. False Claims Act Acknowledgement Form
c. HIPAA House Bill 300 Form
d. Physician Confidentiality Form (For Physicians ONLY) or Employee Confidentiality Form (For Non-Physicians ONLY)

Note that by signing the forms, you are representing to the group that you have completed the training on your own. 
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