Risk Management: Standards, Audit & Certified Blockchain Quality Management Systems (CBQMS™)

For Investor-Lenders: when compared to other investment opportunities, investment in private equity mortgage transactions (PEM)® are comparatively simple and low risk. It is for this reason PEM® transactions are not subject to offering memorandum or prospectus requirements. (Source Definition

Benefit for Borrowers: when compared to traditional mortgage solutions, private equity (peer-to-peer) mortgage transactions are appreciated because they normally offer a degree of customization and flexibility than what traditional underwriting standards permit. Further, there is a  singular human being (private individual lender), instead of a nameless, faceless corporation or agent for a pool of investors, who can make decisions on an individual basis in matters of underwriting, negotiation, default, enforcement, repayment or administration. This benefit is often associated with a premium paid in the overall cost of borrowing. (Source Definition

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 Source: ISO.org.

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