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Listing on the PEMX® "The World's First and Only, Safest and Most Trusted, Network of Peer-to-Peer and Private Electronic Financial Market Exchange".

gives licensed brokers, accredited or Accredited Class® investor-lenders, bankers and related entities, the ability to access the PEMX® trading marketplace, in order to connect with one another. 

Listed Member Categories

There are several categories of listed members:

Registered Exchange Trader (RET)TM

A PEMX® Registered Exchange Trader is a member who is authorized to originate, market, solicit investor-members or otherwise trade in primary mortgage securities in the PEMX® environment.  

It is only through a Registered Exchange Trader that members of the general public are able to access the network resources of PEMX®.

Full Member Registered Exchange Trader

To ensure the very highest levels of mortgage investor confidence and quality value, all Full Member Registered Exchange Trader must be licensed mortgage broker corporations within their jurisdiction of business (where licensing is required) and must meet the highest standards of quality, transparency, data security, process integrity, audit and errors & omissions liability claims history. 

At a minimum, all Registered Exchange Traders must have a quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015 (or comparable) standards; and be designated as a Certified Private Equity Mortgage Broker by the Private Equity Mortgage Institute  PEMI® ( Ad Hoc Membership may be suitable for those entities who cannot meet the Full Member bar.



MortgageQuote Canada Corp. - PEMX® Exchange Symbol: MQCC
(License #12279: Ontario, Canada)





Ad Hoc Member Registered Exchange Trader

Primary mortgage transactions marketed by Ad Hoc Members have an indeterminate quality value and are therefore subject to greater risk analysis than Full Member transactions.









Mortgage Investor-Lenders

Accredited or Accredited Class® Investor-Lenders

Professional Corporations

Private Corporations

Other Investment Entities (OIE)

Public Corporations

Mortgage Investment Corporations
Other Institutional Investors (OII) 

Non-Listed Entities

General Public Investors

 Members of the general public are welcome to start trading in PEMX® Primary Mortgage Securities by working with a PEMX® Registered Exchange Trader.