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Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, USA

Who Are We?

The International Private Equity Mortgage Institute (IPEMI.org) is  a global professional association of real estate finance professionals including: investors, lenders, mortgage bankers, licensed brokers and licensed agents; who trade in the highly specialized field of PEMI-CertifiedTM Private (Non-Institutional, Non-Syndicated, Non-Regulated) Equity MortgageTM transactions.  Professionals practice in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and USA. IPEMI.org's mission is to advance professionalism, ethics, quality, global standards (ISO.org/GAMUS.org), methodologies, advocacy, compliance, business & operational practices through the professional development of private equity real estate finance commerce, worldwide.

Regionally, the International Private Equity Mortgage Institute is known as the Private Equity Mortgage Institute (PEMI)TM.  The regional division of IPEMI.org administers industry professional-, and policy-level education services leading to the qualification, certification and licensure of Private Equity Mortgage Professionals (PEMP)TM within the core fields of mortgages, technology and quality management. In its role as a private regulatory body, IPEMI undertakes oversight, compliance and audit for all member individuals and organizations that trade in Private Equity Mortgage Transactions (PEMT)TM. Members and Fellows of the Private Equity Mortgage Institute hold the prestigious PEMPTM designation.

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