Since at least as early as August 22, 2012:

The distinctive registered trademark, source identifier and global standard for conformity science and "Principles of 'BlockChain'"-based, quality managed systems, technology, services and products; including: private equity investors and lenders, regulated and non-regulated credit intermediaries and national and international banking organizations who trade in:

  • the specialized field of digital and non-digital, secured or unsecured, non-bank, non-institutional, non-syndicated, non-regulated or regulatory exempt, free trading securities and related financial instruments; also known as Peer-to-Peer (P2P)/Private/Crypto/Secret/Shadow securities and related financial instruments (because of how they are packaged, transmitted and classified).
Source: International Peer-to-Peer (P2P) & Private Finance Association IP2PFA™ (

The phrase Accredited Class® has one - and only one - meaning: 

Accredited Class ®  /əˈkreditid/ kls  

  1. a federally registered trademark of Bungay International Inc., which identifies a person or entity in the business of "Brokering, Lending and securities services for mortgage and non-mortgage investments"; Used in CANADA since August 22, 2012 (Source: Canadian Intellectual Property Office).
  2. the entity is neither a "financial intermediary" nor deemed an "institution", especially: Bank, Credit Union, Pension/Trust Fund, Mortgage Investment Corporation or otherwise directly regulated by a federal body, namely: a Securities/Investment Commission, Financial Institutions/Services Authority or Federal Reserve Board.
  3. the person or entity must have sufficient net worth as determined by direct interview.
  4. the person or entity is represented by legal counsel.
  5. the person or entity transacts in mortgage and non-mortgage investment opportunities that are originated by companies whose business and management processes are certified to a recognized, international standard of quality management. Namely, those companies that have earned an ISO 9001:2008 or the risk-based ISO 9001:2015 (or current equivalent) - Quality Management System certification.
  6. May choose to register security in a personal name or a corporate name.
  7. Conforms to the standards, procedures, rules and regulations established by the Global Network Administrator (GNA™) MQCC (; the Money Quality Conformity Control Organization, incorporated as MortgageQuote Canada Corp. Administrator for up to 118 countries:
  8. Formally trained (with requisite evidence of certification) matters of conformity science ( and "Principles of 'BlockChain'"-based (, quality managed systems, technology, services and products;\
  9. Acquired Distinctiveness trademark for the following classes:
    1. 045 Personal 
    2. 042 Computer, scientific and legal
    3. FOR the purpose of accreditation of organizations and individuals who are learning about and trading the subject matter of:
      1. Conformity Science
      2. The "Principles of 'BlockChain'"
      3. Applications of Conformity Science in government, commerce and academia.
  10. Before one may be registered to use, license or otherwise participate in matters related to the Accredited Class® trademark registered brand, one must compete either an:
    • Academic (scholarly) or 
      • elementary school level
      • high school level
      • University or College equivalent, undergraduate level
      • University or College equivalent, graduate level (Masters)
      • University or College equivalent, post graduate level (Ph. d.; P. Bcr.™; Post graduate research)
    • Vocational (investor-grade; functional training) 
Read to learn more. Education curriculum program administered by MQCC Accredited Class® Corporate University™:; specifically designed to educate persons on the underlying principles, concepts, methods of applied conformity science; related to creating Accredited Class® trademark registered brand of methods and products.

Other Usage:
  1. The entity (person or organization) is accredited by a MQCC-approved ( Government body or a non-government body to offer accreditation services or, is accredited to offer services of a financial or non-financial (scientific, technical) nature.

The MARK may only be used to express the above definition and no other definition.

To be recognized as Accredited Class® you are affirmed as being among the very best in private equity mortgage and non-mortgage investing.

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Mortgage Investments

Debt Instruments Only: Investment by loaning money secured by real estate.

Non-Mortgage Investments

Equity or Debt Instruments: Investment by loaning money secured by any asset other than real estate; or, by assuming an ownership (equity) interests in an investment opportunity or asset.

Debt (Non-Mortgage) investments: loans such as asset based lending, debtor-in-possession financing, rolling stock financing and equipment leasing.

Equity (Ownership) investments: accounts receivable pruchasing, venture capital investment.

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