The EPICS Time Team is a group of Princeton University students from every discipline who work on various projects, restoring and recreating mechanical, electrical and experimental apparatus from the past. The Time Team is led by Professor Michael Littman, is supported by the Keller Center, and collaborates with Isles, Inc. and Princeton Regional Schools. 

For 2012-2013 the Time Team is restoring a tower clock from a former textile factory in Trenton, two player pianos, a John Deere "Hit-and-Miss" engine (to be used in an ice cream maker) and antique PDP-8/L computers. Even the Henry Ford's first combustion engine is being recreated from scratch. An event will be held in Spring for the Center for Talented Youth with educational and exploratory activities provided by the Lego group (using Lego Mindstorms) and the Joseph Henry group. Joseph Henry was one of Princeton's own and an early pioneer in electromagnetism; students are recreating selected experiments from his work. The team is also working with the Engineers Club at the John Witherspoon Middle School, and with science teachers to plan and implement a program of engineering related activities.

This website is a log of the Time Team's progress along with a repository of findings and images.