Kids Eat Smart Walk for Breakfast

posted Oct 6, 2017, 8:12 AM by Karen Pearce

On Friday, October 20th at 8:52 am, our school will be participating in the Kids Eat Smart (KEDS) Walk to Breakfast. The event has been a tradition in our school over the past number of years. Weekly, our school breakfast program provides four hot breakfasts and one grab-& go breakfast; daily, we serve approximately 70 – 90 PWC students.

 The event will provide students with an opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise while raising funds / donations for our School Breakfast program. Students can bring a donation of their choice on the day of the event, either monetary and / or breakfast items. In addition, you can visit the donation page at Kids Eat Smart and follow the link. Be sure to write the name of our school to donate to: Prince of Wales Collegiate (PWC).