PC/Network Support

When I'm not working,
you're not paying!

Services available at hourly rates of $89 on site or $69 remote / over the phone billed by the quarter hour (15 minute increments), however there is a minimum fee of $50.00 for onsite services.

Travel outside of Plymouth and Bristol Counties may incur $0.55 per mile fee from nearest city served.


Please, find some examples of the types of support services outlined below.

PC Setup/Upgrade 
Software Installation * Hardware Upgrades * New PC Setup * Operating System Upgrade

PC Repair 
Hardware Diagnostics * Lost Windows Password Recovery * Performance, Security, and OS Diagnostics * Virus Scan / Clean * Data Recovery * Format / Reinstall (complete system clean including personal data backup and performance, security best practices)

Router / Firewall Security Setup / Analysis * Workstation Configuration * Wired Networking * Network Sharing Strategies (i.e. secure printer/file sharing) * Network Backup Strategies