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Antonius Golly

I am Antonius Golly. I'm studying Geoecology at the University of Potsdam where I concentrated on hydrological modelling like precipitation-runoff-modelling or soil erosion as a function of precipitation and vegetation. I also enjoy programming and designing websites.

In October 2010 I joined the PRIMAP group of PIK developing a probabilistic impact model for coral bleaching induced by increasing sea surface temperatures (SST). For input data we used the SST of more than 10 global climate models (AOGCM's) in 5 scenarios which enabled us to assess reef degradation in the context of global warming. We published the results in Nature Climate Change 2012 (Limiting global warming to 2 °C is unlikely to save most coral reefs).

During my work on the impact study in 2011 I got involved in the project idea of creating a cross-platform interface consolidating the different impact modules of PRIMAP to support their main mission called livePRIMAP. With Malte Meinshausen I developed firstly a multi-functional interface for the climate model MAGICC6 - liveMAGICC, which we could pre-release after an exceedingly fruitful visit in Melbourne, Australia early 2012. It is now available under as a working stable!

Also in 2012 I worked with all group members of PRIMAP together to get the various modules working in a chain at livePRIMAP, which was an interesting and instructive process. So far we coupled the Emissions Module (Claudine Chen and others), MAGICC 6 (Malte Meinshausen) and - as a first impact module - the coral reef study in an alpha.

In my diploma thesis 2012 I will apply the coral impact study as a first impact module in livePRIMAP to investigate several brand new research questions like "What emission target do we have to meet if we want to save a certain amount of coral reefs?" eg.