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Student Presentations


Emerging Insights from the Science of Gratitude Conference

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 2018

Anthony presented: The Effects of Envy and Life-Meaning in Grateful Adolescents with High Life-Satisfaction

Rachel presented: Gratitude Development in Adolescence: A Qualitative Analysis

New York Association of School Psychologists Annual Conference

White Plains, New York, 2017

Rachel and Anthony presented: Adolescent Perspectives on the Meaning of Being Thankful: A Qualitative Analysis


New York State Psychological Convention

Saratoga, New York, 2017

Anthony and Rachel presented: The Development of Hopefulness and Goal Management in Grateful Adolescents

Society of Research in Child Development

Austin, Texas, 2017

Rachel presented: Preliminary Validation of the Parent Report of Youth Gratitude Scale

American Psychological Association

Denver, Colorado, 2016

Samantha presented: What Can Parents Do to Foster Youth Gratitude?

American Psychological Association

Washington, D. C., 2014

Danielle, Cheray, and Mikki presented: Gratitude's Role in Helping Youth Lead a Purpose-Driven Life, with Danielle as the lead author!

Mikki also presented a paper entitled Gratitude's Function as a Moral Affect in Adolescent Development in the symposium Fostering Positive Youth Development Through the Lens of Gratitude, Hope, Mindfulness, and Attachment, chaired by Jeff and Kaye Cook.



 International Positive Psychological Association Convention

Los Angeles, California, 2013

Cheray and Mikki presented: Grateful Teens Report More Life Satisfaction 4-years later: Examining Positive Affect and Social Support as Mediators, with Mikki as the lead author!

Cheray also presented her Masters Thesis: A longitudinal Investigation of Gratitude and Positive Affect in Adolescents: Examining Moderators and Mediators

American Psychological Association Convention

Orlando, Florida, 2012

Danielle, Jameela, Meagan, Cheray, and Tara presented: Gratitude and Life Satisfaction in Youth, with Danielle as the lead author!

They also presented: A longitudinal investigation of Gratitude and Depression in Adults, with Cheray as the lead author!

American Psychological Association Convention

Washington DC, 2011 

Jameela, Meagan, and Tara presented: Measuring gratitude in youth: Assessing the Psychometric Properties of Adult Gratitude Scales in Children and Adolescents.

They also presented Gratitude and the Reduced Costs of Materialism in Adolescents.

National Association of School Psychologist’s Convention

San Francisco, 2011 

Jameela and Heather presented: Acknowledging and Appreciating the Full Spectrum of the Human Condition: School Psychology’s (limited) Focus on Positive Psychological Functioning. 

Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Conference 

New York, 2009 

Loren, Jenny, Jessica, and Jenn presented: Gratitude in Youth: A Crucial Ingredient for Complete Mental Health.

Jenn also presented: Initial Creation of The Engaged Living in Youth Scale.

 Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting

Denver, 2009 

Jameela and Vinny presented: The Engaged Living in Youth Scale: Further Reliability and Construct Validation.

Lindsay was also a co-author, but she couldn't attend the conference. She was, however, there in spirit! 

Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

Orlando, 2008 

Ashley presented: The Engaged Living in Youth Scale: An Assessment of Psychometric Properties in Late Adolescence.

Melissa and Lisa (MIA because she was networking when the picture was taken) presented: Engaged Living as an Ingredient for Adolescent Mental Health: Promoting Social Integration and Engagement in Psychotherapy.

Lisa and Melissa also presented: Gratitude’s Role in Promoting Flourishing and Inhibiting Languishing: Using Positive Psychology to Complement Clinical Practice.