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History of Monetization at YouTube

After spending over a year focused on growing the user community and rolling YouTube out globally, in 2008 YouTube turned its focus on creating advertising formats that helped our growing partner community make money from their content on the site. Advertisers also saw an opportunity to connect with one of the largest online audiences in the world. After a year, the DoubleClick acquisition had closed, enabling Google to leverage DoubleClick to build an advertising ecosystem on YouTube and beyond that made sense for users, partners, and advertisers. 

YouTube is now running ads against over a billion video views a week around the world -- in fact, more monetized views than any other video site has total views. And based on the different ways users interact with YouTube, we have ad formats that match those experiences:

    • Users show up: 40M views of the YouTube homepage every day. We sell 7 different kind of homepage ads.
    • Users search/discover videos: Hundreds of millions of searches on YouTube every day. Promoted Videos is our search advertising product that helps you drive views of your video. Think AdWords for YouTube.
    • Users watch videos: Over 2 billion videos watched every day. We sell InVideo ads, pre-rolls, traditional display, etc.
    • Users engage: They comment, share, and upload videos. We run branded contests to engage these users with advertisers.

Today, we’re working to closely 
 YouTube with Google's display business, ensuring advertisers can reach their audience no matter where they are on the Web. This means
giving advertisers even more control over how and where their ads appear, building self-service tools that let them run
scalable display campaigns that span both YouTube and the Google Content Network, etc.
Ninety-four of AdAge's top 100 advertisers have run campaigns on YouTube and the Google Content Network, and the number of advertisers using display ads on YouTube increased 10-fold in the last year.

Here are just a few milestones in YouTube's mission to monetize:
  • August 2006 - First advertising concepts launched: Participatory Video Ads (PVA) and Brand Channels

  • September 2006 - Underground music contest with first major advertiser: Cingular
  • August 2007 - InVideo Ads (overlays) launched
  • December 2007 - YouTube Partner Program launched
  • March 2008 - YouTube Insight (analytics tool) launched
  • October 2008 - Click-To-Buy e-commerce platform launched
  • November 2008 - Promoted Videos launch
  • November 2008 - Pre-Roll ads launch
  • January 2009 - Homepage ads expanded from 1 to 7 formats (IMAGE: Homepage ad grab)
  • August 2009 - Individual Video Partnerships launch
  • November 2009 - Skippable pre-rolls
  • December 2009 - Video Targeting launch
  • March 2010 - YouTube mobile ads launched