Nexus One: Reviewer Information

Getting started. If you have a review device, this document has more information to hopefully address any initial questions you may have. We also encourage you to download the Nexus One guidebook. For more detailed information about the device, please refer to the User’s Guide here.

SIM. Your device has a T-Mobile SIM that will be active until March 13, 2010. As of March 13, you will need to contact T-Mobile if you’d like to extend the SIM card’s activation period.

Unlocked. Nexus One is an unlocked device, so you can insert your own T-Mobile or AT&T SIM card. However, your Nexus One radio is not optimized for the radio frequencies used by AT&T’s 3G network, so although you’ll still enjoy data connectivity, it will be at 2.5G / Edge speeds on AT&T.

SD Card. There is a 4GB card preinstalled in your device.

Android version. Nexus One is running on Android 2.1, which is an updated version of Eclair.

Over-the-air (OTA) updates. New OTA updates may be sent to you during this review period. Please check the notification menu for any new software updates, and make sure to download these so you're testing the latest software.

Google apps.
Google Search - Search the web, Android apps, and your contacts all from one search box.
Google Maps - Get voice-guided turn-by-turn directions with Google Maps Navigation.
Gmail - Switch between your Gmail accounts without leaving the app.
YouTube - Easily record and share a video on YouTube.
Google Voice - Get transcribed voice mail, check voicemail on the web and more.
Google Talk – Communicate in real-time.
Calendar - Works with Google Calendar.

What’s new on Nexus One?
Keyboard with voice - Dictate into any text field with this unique, experimental feature.
3D gallery - Browse your pictures and Picasa Web Albums in a 3D environment.
Advanced camera features - Take pictures with flash, zoom, white balance and color effects.
Live Wallpaper - Watch live wallpapers react to your touch on the screen.
Widgets - View current weather, stock, and currency information on your homescreen.

Recommended apps to download from Android Market.
Pandora - Pandora radio is a personalized radio service that streams music on your phone.
Qik - Don't take a picture, share the experience! Live video straight to your friends.
Aloqa - Just look at your phone and discover great places, events, and friends wherever you are.
Google Goggles – Use pictures to search the web. - Delivers the best of TV right to your phone – all for free.
Seesmic - The best way to manage your Twitter account in a simple app.
PlinkArt – Identify, discover, and share art. It’s magic art recognition.
Yelp - Find and read reviews about great local businesses near you.
Zagat to go – The most trusted guide to restaurants with over 45 Zagat Guides of ratings & reviews.

Jan 10, 2010, 8:35 PM