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  • Daydream Momentum: Daydream launched 6 months ago and there are already many Daydream-ready phones which you can use to access over 150 VR apps. This summer, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be Daydream-ready via software update and, LG’s next flagship phone (launching in the second half of the year) will be Daydream-ready, making 11 total devices by the end of the year.
  • Daydream standalone headsets: Daydream will soon support a new category of standalone VR headsets. These devices build on what’s already great about smartphone-based VR, and make the experience even easier and more comfortable with WorldSense. We’re working with HTC VIVE, a leader in the VR space, and Lenovo, a leader in mobile and computing, to make these; the first devices will get into consumers’ hands later this year. 
  • Visual Positioning Service: VPS allows you to map indoor locations so that devices can understand their location, in real time using Tango. While GPS can give you directions to a store, VPS could give you the precise location of an item within that store. 
  • Expeditions AR: Two years ago we announced Expeditions VR with Google Cardboard and we’ve learned a great deal from taking over 2 million students on virtual fieldtrips. Expeditions AR will roll out to some schools through a Pioneer Program this fall. 
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