Coverage Guidelines

We have designed the conference to encourage active exchanges of ideas, and many conversations that begin in a formal session will continue into the corridors and beyond. Your coverage could be equally unpredictable and exciting. At the same time, some participants may prefer not to have their identities published. To respect everyone's needs, we've developed a few brief guidelines that we ask you to respect during the conference:

1. Plenary sessions--You may quote from conversations that take place in the audience during plenary sessions, but you may not use the name or other identifying characteristics of an audience member without that person's express permission. You are free to identify panelists when they are participating in a public event. 

2. Workshops and break-out sessions--Same guidelines as for the plenary sessions. No names of participants or other identifying characteristics.

3. Photographs and video--We are filming all sessions and focusing on the panelists on stage. Please do not photograph or film anyone offstage without that person's express permission.

4. Freedom of movement--You are free to attend all sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday. We have provided you with a press room with broadband connection to make filing your stories easier, but don't feel obliged to stay there.

5. Access to information--We'll post as much as we can on this site, but speaker materials will generally not be available in advance, since the structure of the conference is mostly spontaneous. 

6. Ask--when in doubt, ask. For questions about these guidelines, contact