(Note: Agenda is subject to change)

Download the full 3-day agenda in printable form

  • Venue: CEU building, Nádor utca 15, 5th district, Budapest
    The conference, conducted in English, is designed for maximum interaction, with a minimal number of extremely brief presentations and no opening statements during panel discussions. Moderators will be given generous powers to interrupt and involve the audience. Outside of workshops and conference sessions, participants will have the chance to exhibit online tools, publications and videos highlighting their efforts to promote online expression, and cases of dissidents and activists who have been imprisoned or attacked. To allow time for informal meetings, tweeting, updating blogs and staying ahead of the email deluge, breaks of 30 and 60 minutes will take place each morning and afternoon.

    The conference aims to begin a long-term discussion of these issues and to form international working groups to promote practical change. Workshop, dinner and session leaders will collect creative and concrete ideas and present some in the closing sessions. A summary will be sent to all conference participants, who will be asked if they want to participate in carrying on work on a particular issue.

    Before the conference's "official" opening on Tuesday 21 September, we're running targeted workshops on Monday 20 September aimed at helping participants refine their practical abilities to conduct advocacy campaigns and protect themselves online.