**Please note: This site is only intended for members of the press to use for informative purposes. Please do not link to this site in any public materials.**

Welcome to our Google Places site for press! 

Today the Local Business Center is becoming Google Places. Millions of people use Google every day to find places in the real world, and we want to better connect our current Place Pages - the way that businesses are being found today - with the Local Business Center, the tool that enables business owners to manage their presence on Google. 

On this site you will find:
  • Press Announcement: Our official news release about the announcement
  • What's New: An overview of new & recent features for business owners
  • Screenshots & Videos: Product images and b-roll video to be used by media
  • Tips for Local Businesses: Information that may be helpful to pass along to business owners
  • Stats & Facts: Metrics about the importance of online business listings and Google's efforts in Local Search
  • What People Are Saying: Quotes from small business owners about their successes with Google Places, and quotes from Google executives
  • FAQ: Answers to some frequently asked questions about today's announcement and Google Places
Please be in touch with us via press@google.com if we can be of any assistance.

Introduction to Google Places

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