How to use "Shoebox"

How to use” Shoebox” to record In-service for Educators escWorks® Shoebox Service

The Shoebox service allows participants to maintain a history of the courses they have taken. There is a personal transcript feature that allows the user to track credits earned from other organizations.
  1.  Click on Link: 

  2. escWorks® Shoebox Service ( Click here to create a new account)
    (If you have forgotten your password, click here.        

  3. Sign In -  by using your email address and password. ( Please use as your primary email)

  4. Click on Transcripts -
    the Shoebox transcripts allow you to track the amount of credit you have received from professional development events. All of this data is aggregated into a printable format that can be used as proof of credit.

  5. Click on manage transcripts.                                                                                                                            Personal Record
    A personal transcript can be altered. It contains the records of events that you have attended at an Arkansas Education Service Cooperative as well as events that you enter. This transcript is managed online.

  6. Fill out the form and click the add credit button when you are finished.