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Assignments 05/27/15

Return pledges from the Walk-a-thon. Due Thursday.

A letter about eighth grade graduation went home last week.  It deals with the seventh grade's contribution to the reception and asks for seventh grade chaperons. Your response was due on Friday, 5/22. Please respond now!

Objective End-of-Year Assessment Schedule is attached below.  Study guides have been given out for ELA, science, religion, and spelling.  They should be completed over then next few days. We will go over them in class before the assessments.

Performance assessments will be done in class over the next two weeks. There is no studying required for them.

ELA, Grade 7-  
    Voc. Workshop- Study Unit 11; test Friday
    Grammar-study participles, gerunds, and infinitives; test Friday
    Speaking-  oral presentations are this week; check your date on Google Classroom

Religion, Grade 7- Complete and turn in the assignment on Edmodo. Study quiz questions; review for End of Year assessment;  study daily quiz questions especially!

Science, Grade 7-  Study notes on Genes;  "Adaptations" Vocabulary, due Thursday, 5/07

Religion, Grade 8- Complete and turn in the assignment on Edmodo. Study quiz questions and notes in copybook; Belief Booklet overdue; review for End of Year Assessment; study daily quiz questions especially.

Science, Grade 8-    Simple Machine vocabulary due Friday, 05/01; 

Grammar- Grade 6- study notes on forms of sentences.
Anne Marie Barford,
May 18, 2015, 5:40 AM