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Aldo Frezzato, Franco Rossini and their team wish to welcome you to the hand crafted chocolate factory website of 
Premier Cioccolato Calcagno

Established in 1946 in Turin, The Capital of Chocolate in Italy

1946 - 2016 : 70 years of excellence


Aldo Frezzato & Franco Rossini, master Chocolate makers
at Premier Cioccolato Calcagno of Turin
(Picture taken in September 2010)

History of Calcagno

The history of chocolate in Turin turns back to the 17th century.

1800    At the beginning of the 19th century, Turin, in Italy becomes the
           Capital of Chocolate.
1946    The Chocolate company Calcagno is founded in 1946. 

1975    In 1975 Franco Rossini and Aldo Frezzato take over the business:   
           Premier Cioccolato – Calcagno is born.

1996    Between 1946 and 1996 there were 29 small hand crafted chocolate
           factories operating in Turin. Only a handful are still in existence today.

2016    70 years after it was set up, Premier Cioccolato – Calcagno,

           is one of the very few chocolate companies still producing chocolate
           made in the old-fashioned way, mostly by hand, using exclusivlely local 
           products of the highest quality

 The Chocolate Bars, Chocolates, Ballotins and mini Cremini boxes



Take a peek at chocolate bars
Take a peek at chocolates Take a peek at Ballotins  Take a peek at Cremini boxes