Hot Topics in Technology


This article discusses when too much information in a presentation detracts from the message. Really good read if you are planning on having your students create presentations.

An article written by two educators on the pros and cons of iPad use.


This article addresses the need to encourage girls in STEM subjects.

This grant opens up in October each year. Teachers go through an application process and grants are awarded between $5000-$10,000. These awards can be used for furthering education, travel, etc.

Are you looking to fund a special project? Do you want to add a classroom pet? The grants listed in this article are available to all teachers to apply for and range from $500 to $4500. Happy grant-writing!

Many teachers use Power Point slides in their classroom as an instructional aid. However, filling the slides with too much information or lots of graphics is not the best way to prepare students for their future. The business world requires professional-quality presentations that get the message across efficiently. Students often leave high school thinking that Power Point presentations should be wordy and full of graphics. Read this article to see a different outlook on how to use and teach presentation tools. Remember, Power Point is a presentation tool--not the presentation.

According to this article from EschoolNews, many educators are using technology in their classrooms but are not reaching the full potential of learning. Read to see how you score!

A survey is conducted each year about technology trends in education. This article addresses the results of last year's survey.  It is interesting to see many of the trends include terms used frequently throughout the Common Core Standards. 

This site links donors to your classroom! Request help with fundraisers, classroom projects, etc.