Chemistry is not just about mixing chemicals, the Periodic Table, and blowing stuff up; it’s about learning problem solving skills that you will use every day in your future.

In this class, I will teach you everything I know about investigating science from atomic models and balancing equations to neutralizing acids and exothermic reactions (yes that’s making things HOT!).

I’m not going to lie, this class will be hard. You will have to reach back and actually use some of that Algebra I class knowledge you gained last year (Yes, you will actually use Algebra for something!) You may even have to do a little studying or homework. But, keep in mind, this class is not just tough, it’s FUN. You will be performing labs in which you will make things change color or give off heat!        



For this class you will need

  1. A positive attitude

  2. 3 ring binder (1-1 ½ in thick)

  3. Loose leaf paper

  4. Composition notebook (lab book REQUIRED- spiral notebooks will not be accepted!)

  5. 1-2 boxes of Kleenex (BOYS)

  6. Pack of 25 Page Protectors (BOYS)

  7. Large bottle Hand Sanitizer (GIRLS)

  8. Disinfecting Wipes (GIRLS)

  9. Pens & Pencils

  10. 1 pair of headphones

Contact info:

Please sign up for my Chemistry Remind101 to receive important information regarding our chemistry classes. This can remind you about upcoming assignment deadlines, labs, and other important things.

Text:  @prcchem19

To: 81010

You can always reach me through my school e-mail, if any questions or concerns may arise.



Or through the school 

Shelton (601) 798-1986 extension 1243

Kipp (601)798-1986 extension 1241


The school website is also available for any other questions about PRCHS or any policy information.