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Email Notifications from the School Nurse
(New feature coming soon.)
The nurse's office will start notifying parents of student visits through the email system. If your student has an emergency or a serious problem you will receive a phone call from the school nurse informing you of the problem. You may contact the school nurse by phone or email. In order to get these emails, parents must have a current email set up in their Skyward account.  Parents - If you do not have your Skyward account information, call the school office and one of the secretaries can get you your username and password.  For more information about Skyward, visit the web page.  In order to get the notifications, you must log into your account, Click on My Account at the top right and then at the bottom of the Email Notifications, you must check Receive Health Office Visit Notifications.

Food Service Applications - Thank you to the families that have completed the application (paper or electronically).  If you have not done so yet, we really would appreciate it if you completed the form and sent it to the District or High School Office.

Link to Food Service Instructions and Application - Print Pages 3 and 4.  Fill them out, sign and return to a school office.  You can also complete the form electronically in your Skyward account.  See the information below.

Parents - You can also log into  your Skyward account and complete the application online.  
      • Select one child if you have more than one in the system. 
      • Click on Food Service.  
      • Click on Applications at the top and then Add Application in the window that opens up.
      • You only need to submit one application - not one per child.

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