Team Prakticum
All competitions within Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum fall under Team Prakticum. Team Prakticum includes available;
  • Motor sports (rally)
  • eSport (electronic sports)
  • Taitaja / Skills (competition in professional skill)
  • School Sports (competitions among schools) and the sports profiling.
Team Prakticum is not a separate organization within the school, but part of the school's normal daily activities. Those who make up Team Prakticum are the school's students and staff.

Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum is the only upper secondary vocational institution in the Greater Helsinki area where the language of instruction is Swedish and that offers initial vocational education for young people and adults. The main unit is situated in Helsinki (Arabianranta), but there is also a smaller unit in the town of Porvoo, 50 kilometres east of Helsinki. Altogether, the number of students is approx. 1100.

Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum is maintained by the Swedish Framtidsskolan in the Helsinki region Ab. Prakticum organizes basic vocational education, adult and further education and apprenticeship training in the Helsinki region and Östra Nyland. Prakticum is a Joint-Stock company owned by Samfundet Folkhälsan, Sydkustens landskapsförbund, Helsingfors stad, Esbo stad, Vanda stad, Grankulla stad, Kyrkslätt kommun och Sibbo kommun.