Meet the Teacher-Mrs. Cramond

    Welcome to the world of art! A world that I love living, creating, and teaching in! As a five year old living in Los Angeles, I vividly remember painting outdoors while in my afternoon Kindergarten class. I remember thinking; "I want to do this for the rest of my life." That moment was the spark that started my life-long love of the arts.
    I took many art classes throughout my school career. My favorite being the High School Saturday classes at Art Center College of Art and Design. I graduated from California State University Long Beach with an art credential and a degree in Art Education. I graduated Cum Laude in 1998, marrying my husband one month after graduation. 
    We have two children and live locally here in Highlands Ranch. It is so fun running into students while I'm out and about!
    I thoroughly enjoy helping our students create on a daily basis. The Core Knowledge curriculum allows me to dive into time periods that get us thinking at a high level at such a young age. I am very grateful for the opportunity to teach our PRA students!