Meet the School Psychs

Keever Hoffmann - 595-6066 Email:

Keever specializes in special/regular education support within a Response-to-Intervention model, academic and behavioral interventions, teacher consultation, functional behavior assessments/behavior intervention plans, and assessments for special education/gifted services. She has worked as a school psychologist in Plaquemines Parish School System for the past 2 years in which she serviced schools in the north end of the parish. Prior to becoming a school psychologist, Keever was a 5th grade reading teacher.

Meagan Medley - RtI Behavior Strategist: 595-6063; Email:

Meagan is a school psychologist specializing in behavioral school psychology services for students in special/general education, academic & behavioral response to intervention (RTI), & positive behavior interventions & supports (PBIS). She currently aids the coordination of crisis planning, aids with RTI behavior cases, conducts functional behavior assessments, develops behavior intervention plans for individual students, coordinates the gifted screening process,  & conducts evaluations for special education & gifted services. Meagan has a background in special education, has been a school psychologist for Plaquemines Parish since 2009 & is finishing her PhD from Mississippi State University.

Dr. Kim Sherman
- 595-6070 –

Kim specializes in academic and behavior intervention and prevention services for special and regular education students. She provides consultation and training, group counseling, screening, and evaluation services. Previously, Kim worked in the New Orleans Recovery School District coordinating training and services aimed at supporting Special Education students with challenging behaviors. She received her PhD in School Psychology from the University of Rhode Island in 2008.

Jill West
- 595-6069 -

Jill specializes in working with general and special education students in several areas, including school-based mental health, social and emotional learning, behavior assessment and intervention within a response to intervention (RtI) model, and evaluation of students.  She is particularly enthusiastic about group interventions aimed at teaching self-control, conflict resolution, and/or bullying prevention; building social skills; and addressing mental health concerns including trauma reactions and/or other types of anxiety.  Jill earned her Master of Science degree and is a doctoral candidate in school psychology from Tulane University.  Her research interests include understanding the impact of social support on reported symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in youth following Hurricane Katrina and schools’ motivation to implement social and emotional learning curricula.  Jill has been a school psychologist with Plaquemines Parish since 2010.