01 (January)

Date: January 30, 2014 (Stellarator Community Meeting)

DOE Fusion Energy Sciences

Germantown, MD


A national delegation visited DOE's Fusion Energy Sciences office to discuss U.S. partnerships with overseas stellarator projects, namely Germany's Wendelstein 7‑X (W7‑X) and Japan's Large Helical Device (LHD). The team presentation discussed recent scientific accomplishments from the collaboration with LHD, and the opportunities available through collaboration in the W7‑X experiment, which starts operating in 2015. Opportunities for U.S. universities to become involved in the W7‑X partnership were highlighted, and a process for identifying university interests compatible with W7‑X needs was proposed.

U.S. Stellarator Partnerships (pdf)


D. Gates, H. Neilson, M. Zarnstorff (PPPL)

J. Harris (ORNL)

G. Wurden (LANL)

D. Anderson (Univ. of Wisconsin)

D. Maurer (Auburn Univ.)