01 (January)

Date: January 9, 2013


Action Items from this meeting:

Update work plans with dates. Action: Mikkelsen


2013 Stellarator Work Plan

PDF (view) Excel (download)

Program Updates, H. Neilson

  • Progress on W7-X trim coils:
    • 1st coil installed on W7-X. 4 coils have been delivered to IPP. 5th (and final) is in mfg.; to be shipped in January.
    • Power supplies: Successful supplier FDR in November. Manufacture in progress.
  • LDRD Stellarator Optimization study was approved by Director's Office @$200k. DOE approval pending.
  • Stellarator strategic planning activity launched by PPPL and considering 2 scenarios (leaders):
    1. Restart of NCSX in next ~5 years (new name: QUASAR). (Gates, Heitzenroeder)
    2. New stellarator starting in ~2023. (Zarnstorff, A. Cohen)
  • DOE Office of Science is updating its facility plan for next 10 years. PPPL provided input, including NCSX / QUASAR and other suggestions. DOE-OS will request FESAC advice, and PPPL will submit input to FESAC.
  • Visit by Chinese fusion leaders Prof. Jiangang Li (ASIPP / USTC) and Prof. Huo (USTC) Jan. 7-8. Strong interest in China-U.S. partnership to develop stellarators, including collaboration in optimization, NCSX / QUASAR, and simulation.

Calendar Update

12-15 February EPR Workshop, Ft. Worth, TX.

21 February Next Team Meeting

Physics Update (D. Gates)

  • Highlights
    • Successful U.S. participation (N. Pablant) in 2012 LHD experimental campaign.
    • DIII-D STELLOPT reconstructions achieved (S. Lazerson)- manuscript in review at GA.
    • ITER VMEC / SPEC work ongoing (S. Lazerson)
  • Recent publications were summarized.
  • Status of stellarator optimization work was summarized

Planning and Status Reports

Equilibrium reconstruction - S. Lazerson

  • Development of a capability to preform reconstructions utilizing line integrated quantities is progressing. Line integrated electron densities measurements are available for DIII-D and LHD.
  • Improvements to the optimization algorithm in the STELLOPT code are being developed, namely a more robust Jacobian evaluation. When developed it will be a significant improvement in robustness, to the benefit of all STELLOPT applications, including reconstruction and configuration design optimization.
  • Forward modeling results of W7-X standard configurations and effects of divertor sweep coils were reported.

Research on LHD Using XICS - N. Pablant

  • 2012 LHD campaign ended successfully. XICS data are available for every shot of the campaign.
  • XICS highlights:
    • Calibrations of Ar16+ XICS 2012 system are now complete.
    • Inversion routines with full profiles are now complete.
    • XICS inversion analysis has been integrated with equilibrium lookup using TS-MAP.
    • Analysis of all data from 2012 will be started soon.
    • Long pulse operation now demonstrated; Successfully recorded Ti profiles for discharges for up to 1 hour at 100ms integration.
  • IAEA paper, "Inter-Machine Validation Study of Neoclassical Transport Modeling in Medium- to High-Density Stellarator-Heliotron Plasmas," by A. Dinklage and others including N. Pablant, has been submitted to Nuclear Fusion. Utilizes XICS data as a verification of the CXRS profiles.
  • Inversion improvements continue. Inverted profiles from upgraded XICS are now available.
  • Inverted XICS Ti profiles have been integrated into TASK3D; preliminary transport runs completed.

Gyrokinetic Studies of Stellarators - D. Mikkelsen

  • NIFS studies in 2013:
    • Using new grid generators, finalize linear benchmarks with GKV-X. Benchmark GKV-X multi-ion capability. Journal publication of benchmarks.
    • Linear stability of high-Ti / impurity-hole LHD cases: investigate ion heat flux reduction, outward impurity convection against gradient. journal publication in FY13.
  • IPP studies in 2013:
    • Validate GK model for transport in W7-X
    • Finish / extend linear stability survey of W7-AS ECH plasma; assess impact of internal currents, compare thresholds with measurements; journal publication in FY13.
    • New; linear stability of NBI+ECH W7-AS plasmas.

Summary by: Hutch Neilson, 14 January 2013