11 (November)

Date: November 15, 2012


4:00 Program Update, Visits to IPP, etc. - H. Neilson

News from DOE and PPPL, upcoming meetings and proposals, strategic issues, etc.

4:30 Recent Progress, Update of FY-12 plans, Plans for FY-13

**Please include a list of planned accomplishments for FY-13, including deliverables and dates**

2.2 Research on LHD Using XICS - N. Pablant

3.3 3-D Theory: Recent Discussions and Plans for FY-13 - H. Mynick

3.2 STELLOPT/COILOPT modifications for maintainable designs - J. Breslau

1.1 / 2.3 Equilibrium reconstruction - S. Lazerson

5:00 W7-X Divertor Scraper - J. Harris

5:30 Adjourn