05 (May)

Date: May 5, 2011


Program Update and Announcements (H. Neilson)

  • Progress highlights in the PPPL stellarator program were summarized.
  • Plans for papers at SOFE and EPS conferences were summarized.
  • Milestone status was reviewed.

Calendar Update

  • 9 June Stellarator team meeting
  • 1 June Trim Coil FDR
  • 26-30 June SOFE Conference, Chicago
  • 27Jun.-1Jul. EPS Meeting, Strasbourg
  • 7 July Stellarator team meeting

Planning and Status Reports

  • 1.1 / 1.6 /2.1 Physics Overview, Progress Against Milestones (D. Gates)
    • FY-11 milestones for physics activities were reviewed.- Progress is very good.
    • A new activity, structure eddy current calculations for CTH, has started.
    • Two milestones were presented. A report by Ali Zolfaghari was presented (see below).
  • 2.2 XICS Spectrometer for LHD (N. Pablant)
    • Major milestones were achieved:
      • The XICS equipment has arrived in Japan, awaiting clearance through customs at Nagoya airport.
      • The Be window has arrived at NIFS.
    • A PPPL team (Bitter, Hill, Pablant, Roquemore) will travel to NIFS May 13-30 for installation and alignment of the spectrometer.
    • The near-term schedule was updated:
      • May : Installation and calibration of spectrometer at LHD
      • June 10th : Pump down of LHD vacuum vessel.
      • June 29 -- July 23 : Cooling of superconducting coils.
      • July 27 -- Oct 27 : LHD Experimental campaign.
      • November : Warming up of LHD
    • The development of a full XICS analysis package is nearing completion. New atomic physics results from Vainshtein (Lebedev Inst.) code calculation have been incorporated. Tools are being tested on C-Mod XICS data.
  • Gyrokinetic calculations (D. Mikkelsen)
    • A NIFS-PPPL collaboration began with the recent visit of K. Tanaka (NIFS) to PPPL. Team includesTanaka, Nunami, Watanabe, Sugama, Mikkelsen, Guttenfelder, Baumgaertel. Plans for FY-11 include
      • Linear stabiliyt in LHD conditions
      • Add non-adiabatic electrons with and without collisions
      • Include electromagnetic terms
      • Compare quasilinear flux of C in impurity hole and L-mode
      • Compare quasilinear heat fluxes in ITB and L-mode
    • Comparisons between GKV and GS2 codes were presented.
    • IPP-PPPL plans for FY-11 include:
      • Study ITG mode with kinetic electrons
      • Benchmark electromagnetic simulations
      • Compare nonlinear results.
    • Results of a successful 3D benchmark comparison between GS2 and GENE were presented.
  • Eddy Current Modeling for CTH (A. Zolfaghari)
    • This new activity is sponsored by the University Off-site Research program.
    • The CTH vacuum vessel and helical coil frame have been modeled in MAXWELL. A simulation of the OH ramp up CTH was presented, showing calculated induced current densities in the structures.
    • Plans:
      • Confirmation of results, refinement of geometry and mesh
      • Using actual current excitations from measurement
      • Writing out mesh data and current densities
      • Going from current density on mesh nodes to current filament
      • Modal analysis
  • 2.3 Equilibria at high beta / reconstruction (S. Lazerson)
    • The FY11 tracking milestone, Modification of PIES to allow Thomson pressure profile, was completed on schedule in April
    • An EPS paper, "Equilibrium Reconstruction on the Large Helical Device," is in preparation.
    • A paper for the Journal of Computational Physics is planned.
  • 1.2 W7-X Trim Coil Project (H. Neilson, T. Brown)
    • The trim coil project had a successful PDR on April 27-28.

Summary by: Hutch Neilson, 10 May 2011