2015 June

Dates: June 9-10, 2015

Location: PPPL


The meeting was held by GoToMeeting 9 June (PPPL) and 10 June (NFRI).

Presentation files

  1. K-DEMO News and Updates — K. Im, H. Neilson
  2. Progress on Survey of Electron Cyclotron Heating and Current Drive in K-DEMO — C. Kessel, D. Mikkelsen
  3. Design Integration — T. Brown
  4. Disruption Analysis — P. Titus

Discussion and Plans

  • Tom and Kihak will attend the ISFNT-12 Meeting, 14-18 September, Jeju Island, Korea.
    • Tom and Peter will submit paper on in-vessel engineering design and analysis.
    • It was noted that the manuscript submission deadline is 30 July!!
    • Check important dates at http://www.isfnt-12.org
  • Plans for PPPL's contract report for this period (ends 28 Feb. 2016) were discussed.
    • PPPL will submit a report to NFRI similar to the Phase II report in organization and format. It will be a new report; not an expansion of the previous report.
    • Will report on work accomplished in Phase III and IV.
    • Engineering sections may make use of content from ISFNT paper.

Next GoToMeeting: early August, following ISFNT deadline.

Summary by Hutch Neilson, 10 June 2015