2013 June

Dates: June 26-28, 2013

Location: PPPL LSB-252

The goals of this meeting were: Updates of operating space, device modeling, structural analyses, blankets and divertor designs. Plans for wrapping up Phase I, and planning for Phase II.

Presentations and Supplementary files


    1. Structural calculations identified need for more structure. PPPL will incorporate and re-evaluate.
    2. Continue with 3D model updates as discussed (splitting outer PF coil, TF leads, etc.)
    3. Blanket concept is He-cooled ceramic breeder with W first wall.
    4. PPPL will submit a formal report of Phase I work to NFRI by 31 August, including 3 paper copies and a CD with backup data.
    5. Phase II will nominally start August 1, assuming the Research Agreement is signed by then, which seems probable. The work scope is as described in the SOW developed a few weeks ago- essentially continuing to evaluate and validate the current reference design point. The main PPPL deliverable for Phase II will be contributions to a K-DEMO Conceptual Study Report (CSR), due February 28, 2014.
    6. The current plan is to continue with the current design point through next February and document it in the CSR. The CSR would identify any design point changes needed to resolve problems, backed up by system code analyses. The project would move to the new design point thereafter.
    7. Phase III will start after Phase II and go to the end of CY-2014. The scope of Phase III is "Improvement" of the CSR. See Keeman's last slide.
    8. The next K-DEMO Project Meeting will be a teleconference on August 27 at 18:00 EDT (Aug. 28 at 07:00 in Korea).

Summary by Hutch Neilson, 29 June 2013