2013 February

Dates: February 20-21, 2013


The goal for this meeting was to accomplish the 28 February milestone, "Update Design Point."

accompanied by a picture of the device including TF, PF, Coil Structure, supported by preliminary analysis.


  1. K-Demo program news (NFRI, PPPL)
  2. Design point and radial build (K. Kim)
  3. System code analysis of proposed design point (C. Kessel)
  4. Conductor analysis (Y. Zhai)
  5. React and Wind Examples (P. Titus)
  6. Machine Configuration Philosophy (Brown)
  7. Discussion and review of outstanding items for 28 Feb. milestone.
  8. Next-step plans, action items, next meeting.
  9. Possibility for additional PPPL work scope & funding later in 2013?

Design Point Documentation

Note: Design Point is "Option II-A"

K-DEMO Study

Radial Build

Key Points from the Discussion

  1. The goal of setting the K-DEMO design point was accomplished: R=6.8m, a=2.1m, kappaX=2.0,
    1. deltaX=0.625, double null, B=7.4T at R=6.8m. See postings for radial build and other details. This
    2. design point is frozen for the next several months to allow time for evaluation.
  2. CAD pictures showing key features will become available as the configuration is developed.
  3. It was agreed to develop the machine configuration along the lines of the PPPL AT Pilot Plant design.
  4. The next step is to develop the machine configuration in CAD and evaluate the design point in terms of performance and operating space, and structural and conductor operating margins. It is expected that the evaluations will identify issues needing to be addressed in future design point updates.

Plans for the next several weeks

  1. Set the TF back leg position and proceed to develop the machine configuration.- T. Brown, with input
    1. from S. Baek.
  2. Perform basic structural analyses to support the machine configuration. 2D Analyses: P. Titus.
  3. Update the system code performance and operating space calculations for the new design point.- C. Kessel
  4. Continue conductor evaluations. Y. Zhai.
  5. Report progress at the next meeting (See below.)
  6. The next milestones are:
    1. SOFE Conference, 10-14 June in SF. Papers by Brown, Kessel, Kim
    2. MT-23 Conference, 14-19 July in Boston. Paper by Zhai.

Summary by: Hutch Neilson

23 February, 2013