2017 February

Summary of K-DEMO Project Meeting, 27 February 2017

The meeting was conducted by videoconference (Zoom)

Presentation files

  1. NWL and DPA distributions on K-DEMO global model - J. Park, NFRI
  2. K-DEMO slides - P. Titus, PPPL
  3. Possible H&CD Studies in FY18 - D. Mikkelsen and C. Kessel, PPPL
  4. K-DEMO follow on work – T. Brown, PPPL
  5. Potential New Work to Begin Aug 2017 – C. Kessel, PPPL
  6. Expertise in 3D Analysis of Flow and Heat Transfer in Complex Geometries - A. Khodak, PPPL
  7. Structural Assessments of the K-DEMO Blanket Modules - P. Titus, T. Brown, H. Zhang, A. Brooks, K. Im, and G. Neilson
  8. Progress on TSC simulations for K-DEMO - C. Kessel and D. Mikkelsen, PPPL
  9. Helicon Wave Current Drive in K-DEMO - D. Mikkelsen and C. Kessel, PPPL