2016 November

Summary of KDEMO Project Meeting, 29-30 November 2016

The meeting was conducted by videoconference (Zoom)

Presentation files

  1. PPPL Update- H. Neilson
  2. Proposal to update national fusion R&D plan- K. Im
  3. Modified K-DEMO divertor concept- S. Kwon
  4. Shutdown dose rate & displacement damage analyses– J.S. Park
  5. Progress report– T. Brown
  6. Physics Plan- C. Kessel
  7. Helicon Modeling Plan- D. Mikkelsen

Discussion and Plans

  • Chuck Kessel is the new PPPL leader of the K-DEMO collaboration
  • Tom will report total area of blanket openings.

Next Meeting: First week of February 2017 (by Zoom)