2016 September

Summary of KDEMO Project Meeting, 28-29 September 2016

The meeting was conducted by videoconference (Zoom)

Presentations files

  1. NFRI-PPPL K-DEMO Project Update- H. Neilson
  2. Time Dependent Scenario Simulation Plan- C. Kessel

Discussion and Plans

  • Questions raised at the 04 August meeting were addressed
    • PPPL budget allocation was adjusted to be 60:40 Physics:Engineering.
    • Chuck Kessel presented the plan for time-dependent scenario simulation. The work will make use of the H&CD parameter scans for LH, NB, IC, and EC.
    • Kessel also presented plans for helicon wave study, which has been emphasized by NFRI. This method was examined in some of the ARIES power plant studies; Kessel briefly reviewed the history.
    • Kessel proposed to also include a study of high-field side launch LH.
  • Joint papers were presented at TOFE and SOFT conference by PPPL first authors (H. Zhang, P. Titus). A joint poster paper will be presented at the IAEA-FEC meeting in Kyoto.

Next Meeting: 29-30 November 2016 (by Zoom)

Tentative agenda items

  • from NFRI: highlights of recent conference papers by S. Kwon, J.S. Park
  • from PPPL: progress reports by Kessel, Brown, Titus