Welcome to the place where digital learning and classroom and field investigations meet!  You can find general course plans and course syllabi in the menu at the left.  For daily happenings in the classroom, students should go to GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  You will need to log in using your school Google account. 

South Dakota Field Investigations 2017

Share in the Adventure:

"Ask 'why' not because you want to question it...ask 'why' because you want to understand it."

Contact Mrs. Schoeneck:
Room 116
Parkers Prairie High School
Parkers Prairie, MN
Phone: 218.338.6011, x 116

Mrs. Schoeneck's Schedule
Semester 2
Period 1: Prep
Period 2: Earth Science 8
Period 3: CIS General Biology
Period 4: Life Science 7
Period 5: Investigations 5-6
Period 6: Earth Science 8
Period 7: Life Science 7

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