Thousands of customers visit the Google Apps Help Forum every day in need of advice and technical knowledge or to offer anecdotes and instructions. A subset of these members generously volunteer their time and energy to build a friendly, pragmatic administrator community. Those who handle the largest volume solutions to the Apps Forum customers are designated as Top Contributors (TC).

How to Become a Top Contributor

Anyone can become a member of the Google Apps Forum. Please make sure you review the Posting Guidelines and Terms of Service

Top Contributors (TC) are volunteers in our communities who like helping users and are passionate about Google Apps. TCs have excellent product knowledge and respect for other users. Only the best forum members are invited to be TCs. 

As our most productive members, the TCs might also be granted the ability access more privileges, such as contacting Google employees directly to escalate issues and attending Google-sponsored events.

Google employees are responsible for choosing TCs. You can increase your chances by:
  • Providing helpful and respectful answers in forum postings
  • Monitoring and following up on customers issues until they are fully resolved
  • Writing clear and concise answers to postings
  • Having your answers selected as "Best Answer" by other forum members.
Those who are invited to become a TC may drop out of the program at any time. Likewise, Google may decide not to keep someone in the program if, for example, the contributors stops posting to the Apps Forum.

Top Contributor Requirements

There are three tiers of contributors you can qualify for:
  • Influencer: Two posts per week average over the past 13 weeks
  • Rising Star: Four posts per week average over the past 13 weeks
  • Top Contributor: Six posts per week average over the past 13 weeks

Rewards Program

We are currently working on designing a program to reward our valued Top Contributors for their valued contributions. Details will be posted here soon.

Disclaimer: Top Contributors are unpaid volunteers who are not official Google employees. The opinions and recommendations of Top Contributors do not necessarily represent the views of Google. You can post your question directly using our form, or continue to search the Help Center.