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Vision & Mission

Our evolution, individually and collectively as human race, is a matter of choice. We may not be aware of this due to the pervasive conditioning at several levels and layers - individual, family, culture, society, region, nation and world. Beneath that conditioning is the “True Self” and each one of us, probably,  had glimpses of the true self. You can read about awareness, you can hear about awareness, and you can see videos about awareness; but still higher level of awareness could allude you. Awareness is experiential and needs presence to recognize the experience and internalize it. Such presence is also a function of awareness but simpler to cultivate. Personal Growth Programs help you to start becoming ‘present’ and experience glimpses of the true self. Each 'glimpse' boosts your awareness to a higher level.

The experience of life is given by the dimensions of Being, Doing and Having. You, as pure awareness, are at the core of this trinity.  When that awareness is at a higher  level, you can better harness your inner resources in who you choose to Be, in all that you Do and Have fulfillment of the purpose of your life. 

JV Avadhanulu (JV for short) founded Power of Personal Growth with 

VISION Human race is aware, healthy, happy and harmonious.

MISSION Spread health, happiness and harmony in individuals, communities, organizations and societies through a set of programs.

VALUES Be loving, with joy and equanimity;  celebrating life with integrity and responsibility. 

GOAL Touch one hundred thousand lives by 2026.