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Well Being

Based on the old adage that 'Health is wealth',   we intend to lay a solid foundation of good health.  It is based on Yoga, Pranayama (Yogic Breathing) and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation). You learn to practice an integrated  set of exercises that can be done in just about  thirty minutes.  The topics include
  • Stretch exercises for flexibility and toning
  • Pranayama* practices for beginners
  • Deep relaxation to recharge your inner batteries
  • Dietary practices for Well Being

Intended Outcome: You enjoy a new level of Well Being by practicing what you learn in about thirty minutes per day.

Duration: 3 to 7 sessions of one hour and fifteen minutes each,  preferably in the mornings (or evenings) on consecutive days

Special requirements: Cushions to sit in cross legged posture and mats for deep relaxation. Please don't eat 4 hours prior to the session and don't drink anything for 30 minutes prior to the session.

* Pranayama expands your lung capacity and improves your lung efficiency, enabling you to take more life sustaining oxygen and expel more toxins with each and every one of the 25,000 breaths you take every day. This alters the constitution of your body by reducing the disease-harboring acidity; boosting your immunity and energy levels. Sustained practice reduces the breathing rate, which holds the key to biological age. Pranayama also works on your ‘Chakras’ (energy centers) to revitalize you and to enjoy a higher level of wellbeing.