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The pace of modern life and its challenges are increasing day by day. While you learn the skills required in your work, you hardly learn the tools and techniques you need to succeed in all the dimensions of life. Success in life includes a satisfying career, material abundance, good health, fulfilling relationships, inner peace, happiness, spiritual progress and a zest for life. The interactive and experiential (non-religious) programs give you an opportunity to explore pathways to progress in all dimensions of life through better health, harmony and happiness.

 Intended Outcome
Well Being
You enjoy a new level of Well being, by practicing the exercises in about 30 minutes per day.  3 sessions of 75 minutes 
Harmony/ Stress
You have access to experiencing the joy of being alive and  in peace, despite situations that are perceived to be stressful and difficult.  1 day
Being Happier  You are equipped with practical tools and techniques to lead a happier life, whatever the circumstances may be.   1 day
Wellth Management
 You have access to live a happier, healthier  and more harmonious life through an experiential week-end retreat. The retreat is based on a fusion of Yoga, ancient wisdom and modern scienceWeek-end

Programs can be tailored to suit specific needs
Practice and follow up sessions will be arranged on request